feel "typical japanese suburban": around Tobu noda line

-- several scene of Tobu Noda line --

At Funabasi. Funabasi has about half million of population. This big department store indicates flourishment of this city.

At tukada. Many greenary is left around Noda line.

In contrast, there is newry developped towns and there is many white concrete walls and black asphalts but less green.
Running over Noda line is Sinkeisei line.
-- progress of development --

Before Noda line was constructed, there was small villages along highways and railway connected these villes.

Around stations especially where is not used as field is developped as building estate, from Around 1960,
especially along Omiya to Kasukabe, Unga to Kasiwa and Kamagaya to Magomezawa.

Fields are sold to real estate agents or protected by local government,
which confined development in the vicinity of stations and which promoted development of woods and less cultivated lands.

Contrast to Tama New town, there was few big construction of "New Town", the large-scale development of a town. Tha photo above is "Kamagaya green hights" bunch of apartments.
Construction of houses is mainly conducted by local real estate agents or agents belongs to the group of Tobu railway company.

Azamino (Tokyu Denentosi line) / Magomezawa (Tobu noda line)

Some company like Tokyu railway company and Hankyu railway company conduct big project of "New town",
(indicate right side is Azamino, on Tokyu Denentosi Line)
but Tobu railway did not conducted such project along Tobu Noda line. So, development do not became dense.
As seen from the map, some roads are connected unnaturally and land is developped assymmetry.
Lack of the control of both agents and government consequent to narrow highway.

--- too narrow highway for trailers and trucks! Sidewalk is also narrow! ---

Nowadays, to unify the block into un concept (economically, save cost of construction),
many dead-ends are created. Such blocks is marked by houses of coherent design.

--- this block has only one exit. another side is an dead-end. / an block with concept caused new dead-end. ---

Recent development is continued around Kawama, Nanakoudai and Simizukouen.
Nearby Shinkamagaya and Nagareyama-Otakanomori development of big shopping center and other buildings are continued according to opening of new railways.

For these reasons,
scene from the window of Tobu noda line changes from mansions and buildings to greenary, quiet residenses to broad fields and ricepads.

Coexistence of woods and houses in high density is Japanese suburban,
and Tobu Noda line runs along this scenary.

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